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Scary story and warning. . .
« on: September 22, 2017, 08:44:16 PM »
Tonight this story was on the local news. Watch the whole video so you're prepared for even more invasion into our lives. You might want to think seriously about this if you're ever asked to do an interview via phone video.

Now did you see the marked angles on the faces in part of the video? (Here goes another of Dee's "Hmmmm" moments.) I've seen those same marks across faces of people that sign into places like this next one to get "your results" themed "readings."

One of those sites where I've seen it more than once is wittybunny. I went back through someone's timeline where I remembered seeing the "crosshairs" (for lack of a better word) that they show on those faces in the news video.

Look at the site, but DO NOT use it. DO NOT allow it to sign into Facebook for you! You have NO clue who is getting your personal info through those kinds of sites. OBVIOUSLY, this site is using facial recognition on people that allow it access to their FB accounts.

Might wonder who is getting the facial recognition information from those sites, huh? Yeah. Me too. Sounds like a hacker's dream, or a government nightmare.

Note: The "cross hairs" don't show up on people's faces until they've actually used the wittybunny site, but I know they're there because I've seen people post their "results."
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