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General Discussion / Re: Smoking - Quit Date
« Last post by Pookie on Today at 11:52:34 AM »
I had a couple minutes so I did some quick Googling:

From the link above:

Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Niacin is chemically similar to nicotine, and in fact, its name was changed from nicotinic acid to niacin to avoid confusion between the two substances. Again, no studies have proven that Niacin can help smokers quit, but there has been some speculation that niacin eases nicotine addiction. The theory is that the vitamin attaches to the niacin receptor sites in the brain (which are taken up by nicotine in smokers) in the same way that opiates take up the endorphin receptors in the brain in opiate addicts. Large doses of niacin can result in liver damage and other health complications, so you'll need to talk with your physician before adding a supplement to your diet.

I’ve never heard that large doses of niacin can result in liver damage, and I don’t know what’s being considered “large doses” in this article.  I personally take 500 – 550 mg of niacinimide every day to prevent the dizzy spells that started in my early teens, and I get that over the counter, so my guess is that’s not considered a “large” dose.  Niacinimide is a similar form of niacin, and unlike niacin, it doesn’t trigger the “flushing” (think hot flash) that niacin does.  The body converts niacin to niacinimide.

And one more:

Nicotine has long been accepted as the addictive portion of tobacco products, but what is apparently little known is that nicotine and niacin (vitamin B3) are analogues.

According to Google’s dictionary, the chemical definition of an “analogue” is “a compound with a molecular structure closely similar to that of another.”

It’s always recommended that if you take 1 specific B vitamin, e.g. niacin/niacinimide, to also take a b-complex to keep the B’s from getting too out-of-balance in the body.

By the way, B vitamins are also helpful for depression.  The nervous system really “needs the b’s.”  :)
Cat Chatter / Re: ShadowCat
« Last post by ThreeStep on Today at 07:13:45 AM »
The night went well with ShadowCat between me and my side of the bed. ChaCha curled around my legs. How can that be comfortable? Izzi had to keep tabs on SO. It is her human thus her job.

About 3/4 of a can for the aunties and 1/2 can plus kibbles for Izzi plus seconds. ChaCha went to her hammock infront of the fireplace and returned everything, spread it nicely. Why? She vomits when she is stressed out or mad. Believe me, she gives the look that says haha got you. No playing, no excitement, no change in routine, just a normal weekday morning. ???
Cat Chatter / Re: Why does Diva do this?
« Last post by ThreeStep on Today at 07:07:54 AM »
At 62F Diva is looking for a warm place and you happen to be it.  HeadButt

Jezzi is a pretty young lady. Good to hear that her little ones found homes.
Cat Chatter / Re: Why does Diva do this?
« Last post by AK49BWL on Today at 03:34:00 AM »
Now, if she hadn't been doing the headrubs and was just sucking on the shirt, I'd say she has pica, which is a sort of comfort thing cats do if they were taken from their mother too soon.  But I'm not sure that's what this is, in this case.

Yeah I'm like 99% certain that's not the case here, she's never suckled on me per-se. Even this isn't really that, and she only does this rather seldomly. I thought it might have had something to do with the shirt itself, but I wore that same shirt to bed three more days and no repeat occurrence lol. In fact she hasn't done it since. She has been quite a bit more snuggly than usual, but I'm attributing that to the cooler weather and the fact that I let the house down to 62 degrees :D

PS I don't think this has been mentioned here, but I brought a cat home from work. She's been there since I started working there July 2017, has had three litters of kittens, and I have officially put an end to that. Her surviving first and second litter cats are still there, only one female left to deal with... Her latest litter has all been captured, socialized, AND homed :) tho not by me - I just have momma cat (now named Jezzi), and she now has my carport shop to call home until she's spayed. Once spayed, she will be joining Buddy as an outdoor "neighborhood" cat. They've already met, I think they may do well together. I gave serious thought to bringing one of her newest litter home so Diva can have a friend while I'm out, but I just don't have time for another kitten, to put it bluntly.

I think I say more about her in the video.

General Discussion / Re: Smoking - Quit Date
« Last post by Pookie on December 11, 2018, 09:37:04 PM »
We believe in you.  You CAN do this!  GoodVibes  thumbsup1

EDIT:  BTW, I just remembered from my nutritional course that B vitamins help the body with addictions, so if you don't already take a B complex, you might want to do that (or increase it if you are taking it).

I will try to find the papers the instructor handed out about it to see if there's anything else in there that can help.  It was a few years ago, so it may take a while.
Dog Chatter / Re: Free Dog Treats!
« Last post by Pookie on December 11, 2018, 09:34:35 PM »
You're a good person/neighbor!   DrLisaPiersonWorthy DrLisaPiersonWorthy DrLisaPiersonWorthy DrLisaPiersonWorthy
Cat Chatter / Re: What The Cat(s) Did Today...
« Last post by Middle Child on December 11, 2018, 06:36:37 PM »
Thank you for the pictures threestep!
Cat Chatter / Re: ShadowCat
« Last post by Middle Child on December 11, 2018, 06:35:57 PM »
Ladies:) Dinner went well. Three fur heaps in the living room.

love1 love1 love1
Supplements / Re: Looking for advice on a milk thistle supplement
« Last post by ThreeStep on December 11, 2018, 05:34:07 PM »
I'll try.  We don't live together, so I can only provide "long distance" supervision.   :)
That means you can do something.
General Discussion / Re: Smoking - Quit Date
« Last post by ThreeStep on December 11, 2018, 05:33:11 PM »
Starting Chantix again soon. I got a new quit buddy.  She is going to come up with an actual quit date.  She doesn't like New Year's resolutions, so it will likely be shortly after. 
People that "quit" over and over and over... then die a smoker, I will probably be one of them. Thinking positive didn't help, so now I will go for shaming myself...  Silly7

Rome was not built in one day!
A good cat friend of mine quite two years ago last week and that after smoking some 50 years. He figured out how much money has not gone up in smoke.
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