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I just can't muster much sympathy for someone who would do something that stupid.  With a grandchild left in the house, besides. I do have sympathy for her family though.
Moral of the story:  Leave wild animals alone.  Doh1

Or "don't take pictures of camera-shy bobcats . . . "

I hope she's ok!
Moral of the story:  Leave wild animals alone.  Doh1
Someone's getting rabies shots:

A woman suffered two bites and several scratches after a rabid bobcat attacked her in a northeast Georgia county.

The incident happened June 7 around 6:15 pm on Liberty Church Road, when Hart County deputies responded to reports of a woman calling for help. Police arrived to find DeDe Phillips, who was covered in blood, holding the bobcat down on the ground by the throat.

The police report said blood was running down Phillips's face, arms and legs.

Phillip's saw the bobcat under her SUV. "I snapped a picture and about that time the bobcat took two or three steps and leapt," she said.

Photos and rest of story at:
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I have a card that says I have been cured.
And what is this evidence to the contrary?   Lol
Um, ok, so wanting to make sure you and your family (skin and fur) eat a healthy diet is now a nervous disorder?  ???

This is a proposed eating disorder which is marked by an excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food. The term was proposed in 1997 by the American physician Steven Bratman who was concerned that an obsession with healthy food could, paradoxically, lead to unhealthy consequences.

Sure it could lead to unhealthy consequences, if it's unbalanced.  Most people who go to the trouble to learn about species-appropriate nutrition (and human nutrition) in the first place, also learn how to balance the diet.  But there are also "unhealthy consequences" to eating lousy food, too.  And we're seeing it.  So are the doctors and veterinarians.
Talk about someone with a mental disorder...

Yep. They say that people that study mental health for a living are trying to find the cure for their own selves. Yes, SOMETIMES, counseling is necessary. But trying to find new disorders just to make a name for himself, he needs a square kick in his. . .
The carp some people will come up with to avoid feeding their pets a species appropriate diet.  People that usually go to such lengths, KNOW what they SHOULD be feeding their pets, but don't want to.
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