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A kind-hearted, easygoing, and breathtakingly handsome cat who struggled so bravely with IBD for six long years before I finally got wise and figured out how to feed him.

I am grateful for what his illness taught me about feeding cats, and even more thankful for how he helped guide me, patiently, to make him well again as we tried an endless array of diets and every conventional trick in the book. It took six years for me to finally get wise, and I take comfort in knowing the next 10 years of his life were healthy, leaving him free to pursue his love of eating, the humans he took such fine care of, and his adopted sister, Nettie. It nearly broke my heart clean in two when Duke moved on to his next adventure in February 2010; I miss him fiercely and am grateful for and awed by the amazing paw-print he left behind. He was and will ever remain the inspiration for this website; his soul sits perched on my shoulder when I answer emails from this site. He is always in my heart. If you found this website helpful, it's entirely because of this marvelous being, Duke. We love you always, Dukie-boy.

A most petite package of spirited, unpredictable, sassy cat.  She was sweet. She was a firecracker.  Made of love, that one.

She brought a big fat smile to our faces every single day. She was a reliable supervisor and taste tester of raw food preparation in our house. Nettie wouldn't consider letting anything but raw food pass over her carnivore lips. She kept us on our toes for 16 years. The very moment we thought we could predict what she'd do next, she'd shift gears and go in a new direction. It was like having a new Nettie every single day. We said our farewell, with profound sadness but deep faith in the Light that she is and always will be, in early March of 2011.  Thank you, Nettie-girl.  We presume you made at least a short detour along your way to clean Duke's head and ears, like you always did here.  We miss seeing that.  We miss you.  And we will love you always.  Godspeed.

Wilson, a.k.a., Mr. Wonderful, joined our family in March 2011 and dove straight into our hearts. 

We got mighty lucky with this boy.  And we are so grateful he came into our lives. He is polite, funny, intelligent, and wise. I'm absolutely wild about him. He needed a home, but boy oh boy, did we need him. He settled in so quickly it made my head spin.   

He also blessed us by proving that switching a cat over to raw food doesn't have to be even the smallest hassle.  Wilson is, in every way, a miracle.

His lesson to us is that infinite patience brings immediate results.  He landed first with a beautiful family in foster care who gave him everything he needed to begin his new life.  The foster family also showed infinite patience with me as I waited for the right time to bring him home.

Sidney-Beans joined the party in May 2011.  It was clear that Wilson craved a playmate.  And we apparently needed more time in the kitchen making cat food. 

He's a riot. 

And he's over-the-top affectionate.  And he's testimony to a cat's instinctive love of raw food.  And he's cute as a bug. 

And we absolutely love him to bits.   

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