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About Us
At Diabetic Cat Care, we practice a leading edge treatment protocol called Tight Regulation (TR) that has brought 1000’s of cats back to far better health, and a great many of those cats into remission. Developed by Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, Tight Regulation for cats is similar to the way humans treat their own diabetes. We would like to invite you to join the Diabetic Cat Care Forum, a caring community offering support, a wealth of knowledge and shared experiences among diabetic cat owners who are following Dr. Hodgkins’ Tight Regulation Protocol, including information on a host of topics such as:
How TR works, and how you can use it to improve your cat's health.
How to practice TR with various insulins.
How other illnesses impact your diabetic cat.
Remedies for everyday problems (constipation, vomiting, etc) that are safe for diabetic cats.
If, after reading about the principles of Tight Regulation, you are interested in learning how to properly care for, and perhaps even cure, your diabetic cat, please click here to enter the Diabetic Cat Care Forum.

NOT to be confused with  It has been said...the Admin "ran off" many of the wonderful and helpful members. 
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Everything you NEED to know about caring for your feline.

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NOT to be confused with  It has been said...the Admin "ran off" many of the wonderful and helpful members.  

Apparently Dr. Hodgkins, herself, as well. Those very same members are who created for these reasons.
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