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GENERAL DOG CARE / Misa - "Crying Eye" Plus Other Stuff
« Last post by Lola on September 19, 2018, 06:49:37 PM »
Misa has always had one eye that "cries."  Clear liquid.  Happens hit and miss.  Doesn't seem to bother her at all.  It drives me nuts, because it does mean something is going on with her. 
Had her tested today for food allergies.  She has a slight allergy to chicken.  Slight?  We are going to cut chicken out of her diet for a while.  Wait and see!

I actually took her to the vet because when I got home from my short trip, she had a red raw looking spot on her nose.  It looked like maybe she split her nose open.  The pink spot darkened the next day, but the spot spread out more.  Today there is a scab off to one side.  The general area looks to be a litttttle swollen.   She licks it from time to time, but wasn't obsessing licking. 

The vet (my least favorite) said it wasn't a bite or sting.  Didn't look like a cat got her.  No oozing.  His best guess... she caught it on something.  Ouch!  He gave me 4 prednisone pills for her and an antibiotic... as a safety measure.  The scabbing tells me it is healing, soooooo I'm not sure if I am going to follow through with the meds.  Just got home a bit ago, and haven't given it complete thought.   

She also got her nails trimmed today.  Had a vet tech that has TWO Street Dogs.  She understood talking to Misa only makes her more miserable.  I NEVER heard of street dogs, until Misa.  No one I talk to has either.  What are the odds that a tech and a vet (one we saw last time) BOTH have or at least know of them?  Anyway, I requested the same vet tech for Misa's next nail trimming in 4 weeks.  :)   
Declawing / Re: Humane Society of Southern Arizona
« Last post by Lola on September 19, 2018, 06:29:29 PM »
Good for Southern AZ.  Hopefully Humane Societies, in other areas of Arizona, will share the same view soon!
Declawing / Humane Society of Southern Arizona
« Last post by Middle Child on September 19, 2018, 03:56:12 PM »

In part:

Both the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary, are quite clear at time of adoption that an adopted kitten or cat must not be declawed, and the adopter has agreed to that condition of adoption.  Scratching is a natural cat behavior, and cats can be ‘taught’ to scratch where appropriate – cardboard scratchers, sisal scratchers, cat trees.  The adopter always has the option of returning the kitten or cat to the respective organization.  There is no way to determine how many of these declawed kittens and cats are relegated to the outdoors, but their odds of survival would be very slim.

 It is our hope that one day, very soon, the American Veterinary Medical Association will join forward-thinking, progressive organizations, countries, states and cities, in making the practice of elective and non-therapeutic declawing ethically unacceptable.

Until then, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary request that our position that no kitten or cat adopted from either organization be declawed, be respected and honored.
Raw Feeding / Re: Jennie developing an intolerance to beef?
« Last post by Middle Child on September 19, 2018, 05:49:47 AM »
I've put Jennie back on bone broth, if she will eat it. It's the pork broth I made for her. I'm not happy with her eating so much canned, though she loves it, her poops are clear the room smelly on it.  So I'm going back to just using a small amount to enhance the Alnutrin.  She won't eat chunks of meat at all any more so I do wonder if her teeth are starting to bother her a little.

I'm going to begin adding turkey breast back in and reducing the beef, gradually going off the beef for a bit to see if the irritation is less, with no beef.

Jennie is on fully balanced meals again, and I may decide to go ahead with the FMT (poop pills) since the specialist appointment is so far off. But one change at a time.
General Discussion / Re: Phooey-had to buy a new fan
« Last post by Middle Child on September 19, 2018, 05:03:12 AM »
I like the fan okay.  It rotates from the base instead of the fan part, kind of weird. Plastic, but no smell to it thank goodness. I returned the expensive one that the blades kept falling off yesterday.
Raw Feeding / Re: Jennie developing an intolerance to beef?
« Last post by Lola on September 18, 2018, 05:36:33 PM »
Good to have an answer, as far as no blockages or masses.  Hope you find a definite explanation soon!
Raw Feeding / Re: Jennie developing an intolerance to beef?
« Last post by Middle Child on September 18, 2018, 04:29:28 PM »
Jennie's x rays dind't show anything serious such as blockages or masses.  The only odd thing (according to the vet) was gas bubbles in her stool, which, vet says, indicates some sort of digestive problem. These would be stools resulting from canned food, as she's been ojn mostly caned for the last 2 days.

Nothing that would show a possible cause for the bloody stool.  I've made Jennie's appointment with the internal medicine specialist, it's not until October 26.

Not sure how to proceed, did ask vet her opinion on the FMT..asked her to think about it and look into it before giving me her opinion.

Vet still seems to think the blood is irritation, small ulcerations in her digestive tract that need more time to heal.

I wish Jennie could take slippery elm bark I am sure that's what she needs, but it makes things worse for her.
Cat Chatter / Re: What The Cat(s) Did Today...
« Last post by ThreeStep on September 18, 2018, 06:53:57 AM »
4:45 nothing like the sound of a furry retching or has SO added a new tune to his repertoire? My trusted tiny flashlight and I check for evidence. Nothing:) Cruelly ignoring three starving fur balls I crawled back into bed. No, I was not giving up the 30 minutes until the alarm goes off. And off it went! It sounded like Izzi was bringing up her insides when she presented a monster of a mini hair ball on the rug in the bedroom. That cocked little head and the big question on her face - I was bad but it had to happen. Poor little thing!!! She gets brushed at least twice per day but the Floof as a friend calls it is getting longer and more by the day. Bizzi has a part in the center as the dark strand of grain hair is weighing the Floof down. All is well. The other present was under the office chair. Let's see what the day brings.
General Discussion / Re: Air Fryers?
« Last post by Lola on September 18, 2018, 01:34:31 AM »
Sounds delicious!
Raw Feeding / Re: Jennie developing an intolerance to beef?
« Last post by Middle Child on September 17, 2018, 03:59:17 PM »
Jennie is going in for an x ray tomorrow.
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