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Raw Feeding / Re: Catgirl64's Journey To Raw Feeding
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 08:12:25 PM »
Ugh!  Coddle yourself! Lots of fluids! xx
Raw Feeding / Re: Catgirl64's Journey To Raw Feeding
« Last post by Catgirl64 on Today at 07:44:02 PM »
Had a bit of a setback.  I had put all of the partially baked chicken in the fridge, planning to dice it up and finish making the food today.  Felt a bit woozy after shopping, but posted anyway, then laid down for a nap.  Woke up feeling wretched.  Nasty cold, it seems, the kind that makes you feel light-headed and slow, along with all the other misery.  I've felt it coming on for a couple of days, but tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away.  Put chicken in freezer and gave the cats canned.  I think I rushed them a bit with the 50/50 canned and raw I made last night, as they ended up leaving quite a bit of it when I put it down again today.  I had some doubts about all that skin on the chicken, anyway, since Alnutrin says to used skinned meat, and will probably end up using it for the dogs, and starting fresh with the stuff I got today to make food for the cats.  I split it up into three freezer bags, so I don't have to try to use it all at once.  I guess, since I haven't added anything to it yet, that I could offer some of it to the cats as chunks with their canned food. 

I hate head colds.   :'( 
GENERAL DOG CARE / Why Easy Walks and Similar Harnesses Shouldn't Be Used
« Last post by DeeDee on Today at 03:26:01 PM »

Cat Chatter / Re: How True Is This About Cats?
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 03:19:17 PM »
LOL, no you are not a jerk.  You are just even more of a stickler for precision than I am.  That's kind of impressive, really.   :)

Haha thanks Catgirl!  As it happens, I actually did start a thread on this a few years ago:

Cat Chatter / Re: This is how you do it
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 03:17:42 PM »
Another oldie..sorry! (not really)
Cat Chatter / Re: 10 years old and still Chasing Her Tail
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 03:16:50 PM »
Mazy cat still chases her tail in secret.
Cat Chatter / Re: She's still at it
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 03:16:09 PM »
I love these sequences
Here's more of that tail action Brandon likes :)
We still play all these Games.  Jennie lost her toy though, it's been missing for almost a year.  Makes me so sad, it's the only thing she ever played with like that.

They've invented many new Games as well since I posted these. I have most on video but am always too tired to actually edit for posting.
Raw Feeding / Re: Catgirl64's Journey To Raw Feeding
« Last post by Catgirl64 on Today at 02:51:43 PM »
Shopping trip!

Went to Hollywood feed, and got BOGO on Fromm's canned cat food.  Two cases.  Not grain-free, but cheaper than Redbarn and way better than Friskies.  I am hoping this will be the last canned I must buy, but I know that is probably not terribly realistic.  I also got some goodies for the dogs:  beef tendons for both, and a new split antler for Bandit, as that is the only chew I have ever given him he won't let Lily steal from him.  We had a nice visit with a friend who runs a local cat rescue - they have adoption events there the first three Saturdays of each month - and met some very beautiful cats and kittens.

On to Sprouts.  Pork shoulder roast, skinless, boneless chicken thighs, split breasts, an eye of round roast, and three turkey necks with giblets, which I will probably cut up and give to the dogs.  I want them to eat bone if they will, and I think necks would be a good place to start.  I love how clearly the meats at Sprouts are labeled, with regard to solutions and additives.   

Ha.  As soon as I said Lily would not steal the antler, I looked up and found her on my bed with it.  Guess I need to get two next time.   ::)

Sprouts carries Bragg ACV, so I got that, too, as well as a few delicious things for the human occupants of the house.         
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