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Calendar Events / Re: Izzi - GOTCHA DAY Sunday
« Last post by Lola on November 11, 2018, 03:58:23 AM »
GREAT story!  Also... DrLisaPiersonWorthy  You and your SO are the best!
Dog Chatter / Late Night Shenanigans...
« Last post by Lola on November 11, 2018, 03:55:13 AM »
I woke up to an odd noise going on at the other end of the house.  I thought Misa discovered litter boxes, and was nosing through one.  Nope.  She had dragged a cooler, that has over 50 lbs of meat thawing in it, to the dining room slider door. 

The meat is in packages.  She didn't get into any of it. 

That had to be a LOT of work for a 40 lb dog to pull off!
Dog Chatter / Re: Street Dogs
« Last post by Lola on November 11, 2018, 03:39:47 AM »
Dogs can have two litters a year.  That is toooo many.  IMHO

Anyway, back to the original post... The mom, two very young dogs, and a puppy (all assume to share the same mom) were all trapped and are living in a rescue now.
Calendar Events / Re: Izzi - GOTCHA DAY Sunday
« Last post by ThreeStep on November 10, 2018, 06:13:02 PM »
That is really sweet of you. The long story will have to wait until I have a lap top in front of me.
So - installments!

SO had a play date, I was working, weather radios went off with blizzard warnings, the aunties went off as well. They jumped at the office window and were all worked up. Something moved in a clay saucer full of cracked corn for the birds. It could be? It is a cat!!!! I grabbed a bit of kibble (the last since the aunties had been moved to wet). That little thing did not loose a beat but went from corn to kibble. Card board box, towel. It is freezing! I move the food into the box, she follows. No this is not going to work. I got one of the cat carriers, put a coat on, heavy gloves and glasses. This little thing gives me a look and goes into the carrier. Into the garage we go, it is blowing ice needles but I cannot bring the carrier through the house. My office floor heating mat under the carrier, a spot on a work bench with natural light, wet food, water, a quick "you are safe". Now what? I called every shelter, police station, Pet smart, Pet this and that - the best answer I got was "if you cannot bring her in leave her out". So I called SO at the gun range - Houston we have "What". What is what? No idea but What is here to stay. He dropped everything, got kitten food and fell in love. This tiny bundle of half starved fur with whiskers ate and ate and ate.
Monday was a holiday this day three of singsing.
Tuesday I was at the vet at 7:30. Here she is! Nobody wants her. Here is a credit card. What are we supposed to do? I came off the rocker! I am a recruiter and know my business. She needs a vet! Isn't that your business? Who is going to pay for it? We have two cats on file and if this credit card does not cover it - let me know!!! Oh, you want us to check her out? No shoot Sherlock! No vet until 9:00. I had to get to work, called at 9:01, was told to pick her up at lunch. She was barely moving. They prodded, de this and that her, gave her shots, ... .
SO built her a home of two big dog crates connected to each other in his toy room. Floor heating, the works. We did not trust the aunties. Introduction took 60 seconds - here is Izzi, you do not get to eat her! She sleeps in solitary so you cannot harm her.
The official file reads 5 pounds. She fit I to my hand!
More tomorrow.
Calendar Events / Izzi - GOTCHA DAY Sunday
« Last post by Lola on November 10, 2018, 08:52:08 AM »
I don't want to miss the special day tomorrow, so posting today.

Happy Gotcha Day, Izzi!   HeadButt

Feel free to tell Izzi's story...

Dog Chatter / Re: Misa - Learning To Trust Humans
« Last post by Lola on November 10, 2018, 08:41:03 AM »
Misa is doing well.  We love her to pieces.  She is soooo sweet.  We have to remind ourselves constantly that she is different... and not hug the snot out of her!  I think she will always be a work in progress.  Thank goodness she loves neck rubs.  That is our "in" with her. We get the joy of petting her and she enjoys human contact.

I know some will likely cringe or gross out, but...  I'll tell anyway.   Silly7 I was sharing french fries with her the other day.  Food is a HUGE motivator.  I use what is handy, when the opportunity arises.
Anyway....I decided to put a french fry in my mouth, with the end sticking out.
Eye contact AND face to face... waaaay out of her comfort zone.  I let her think about it.  She did her little Misa song and dance.  That's what she does when wanting to do something, while working up the courage to do so.  She decided to go for it.  She very nicely took the french fry from my mouth. 

A normal fearful dog would likely do a grab and run.  That isn't Misa. 

We shared steamed broccoli yesterday.  My hand to her mouth.  It cancelled out the french fries from the day before.   ;D
Cat Chatter / Re: What The Cat(s) Did Today...
« Last post by Middle Child on November 10, 2018, 08:12:41 AM »
Darn, once again I missed all the excitement in this thread.  I keep forgetting to check it and I never see it when I look for unread posts for somer reason!

Anyway glad the thumb is better though I second all of the advice given. Also glad to know Izzy is up to 10 + pounds. Sounds like a good weight for her as she is a pretty big cat.
Cat Chatter / Re: What The Cat(s) Did Today...
« Last post by Lola on November 10, 2018, 08:08:59 AM »
10 pounds is an average-ish weight.  Can you see a waistline? 
GENERAL CAT CARE / Re: Jennie has been diagnosed with carcinoma (cancer)
« Last post by Lola on November 10, 2018, 08:02:02 AM »
Good to hear all is going pretty good overall.
Enjoy your visit with sister.
GENERAL CAT CARE / Re: Jennie has been diagnosed with carcinoma (cancer)
« Last post by ThreeStep on November 10, 2018, 07:16:09 AM »
That is good news on a gray Saturday morning! Have fun with your sister.
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