Author Topic: No, they do NOT eat better!  (Read 330 times)

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No, they do NOT eat better!
« on: January 21, 2018, 05:09:27 AM »
We went grocery shopping Friday, and when I was loading up on meat for the pet food, J told me that my cats eat better than we do.  I think she was kidding, but just in case...

Since it is my bounden duty to prove her incorrect, that night's dinner was fettuccini Alfredo with pan-seared scallops and a side salad. :)  There were leftovers.  I ate mine for breakfast, and she had hers for dinner last night.  Next items on the menu are grilled pork chops with either baked potatoes or a wild rice blend and a veg - probably either creamed spinach or lima beans (yes, they ARE good!), homemade beef stew, and, when that is gone, grilled salmon, definitely with the rice blend - I only like potatoes with fish if it's fish and chips - and asparagus.  I also took a big container of ham and bean soup out of the freezer for lunches.  I wish I had done that a week ago, it would have been wonderful when it was so cold!

My newfound obsession with making cat and dog food has made me a bit lax in the feeding of bipeds just lately... :-[
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