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Raw Feeding / Re: Jennie developing an intolerance to beef?
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 05:42:45 PM »
It looks like Jennie may have developed an intolerance to chicken. She's been off chicken entirely for only 2 days, including the pre-mix Ezcomplete, which contains chicken liver. For a few days before that I was only reducing the amount of chicken, but she has been off the EZc pre-mix for almost a week now.

Last night, much to my annoyance I gave her a freeze friend chicken breast treat before I remembered. This morning she had once of those small slightly soft furry poops, no blood.  This evening she had a larger poop, full of fur, softer though, and some greenish mucus, and maybe a little surface blood.  I blame the chicken treat.

Stopping the chicken has shown some improvement but she needs time to heal of course. I'm looking into other pre-mixes for her, I would like to use Alnutrin but I don't know yet if egg shell calcium will also be a problem for her. Rad Cat, which she is currently getting more than usual of, also uses egg shell.

I've increased her RC meals, because her plain meat meals are not balanced.  I am adding egg shell calcium, and lamb pancreas glandular, and I have bought some frozen beef liver but have not yet cut it up.

She is also still on the egg yolk lecithin, again, I do not know if eggs and egg products are going to be an issue.

Last Sunday she had her usual raw yolk and actually had a good clean poop on Monday morning so time will tell.  IF chicken is her problem.

I have seen some improvement already since cutting back, then eliminating the chicken.   She's had some fresh blood in her stool, or rather, on the surface of her stool, not IN it.. Which has gotten less frequent when I stopped the chicken.

Since stopping reducing then stopping the chicken she's been having two or three poops a day, single pieces about an inch long, slightly soft, full of fur.

She is not straining to pass these poops. Since stopping the chicken they no longer smell foul. Slippery elm bark is not helpful to her as I mentioned earlier, it makes her stool very sticky and messy, and s.boulardii seems to make things slightly worse as well.

 I've got her on pork bone broth now too.

I am wondering if I ought to double her probiotic for a while, to help her body cope with the change in diet.  She's used to the pork and the beef, but not used to getting so much of it.

I do have an appointment with the vet for Jennie but not until July 30, 9 days away. I needed an after work appointment, is why the delay, and this is not my usual vet, though I have seen her a few times for emergency issues. I don't know her feelings on raw diets, but I am about to find out. :)

If she suddenly got worse of course I would take her right in.
GENERAL DOG CARE / Re: Misa Vet Visit Today
« Last post by Middle Child on Today at 05:11:58 PM »
Maybe because they are only a trace high?

Well a quick search shows that it could indicate dehydration and to encourage the dog to drink more.  She's already on a raw diet, but maybe adding some extra water to her meals?

Then there was some other scarier thing called Polycythemia.

I would definitely call the vet and ask for more clarification.
GENERAL DOG CARE / Re: Misa Vet Visit Today
« Last post by Lola on Today at 12:09:46 PM »
Just received the test results, via email.  I wonder why the numbers in red are not a concern?
Funnies / Re: Church Sign
« Last post by Lola on Today at 11:53:18 AM »
I think funny church sings are cool! 
GENERAL DOG CARE / Re: Misa Vet Visit Today
« Last post by Lola on Today at 11:06:27 AM »
No Valley Fever and no ....whatever the other diseases were, that vet was looking for from the blood test.    :)

I emailed and asked for a copy of the test results for Misa's file at home.

When we give her Llysine, the eye issue stops.  I had stopped for a while, as a test, to see if the eye would produce the clear liquid.  When I stopped it came back.  The ONLY thing that comes to mind that the desert, the rescue house, and our house have in common... cats. 
Funnies / Re: Church Sign
« Last post by ThreeStep on Today at 06:56:42 AM »
Otherwise the congregation would be dripping.
Funnies / Church Sign
« Last post by Pookie on July 19, 2018, 11:23:20 PM »
On the billboard of a church I pass on my way home from work:

Come on in.
We have "prayer conditioning."

I can't wrap my head around why a person would think it is funny...  :(
Cat Chatter / Re: What The Cat(s) Did Today...
« Last post by Lola on July 19, 2018, 06:03:27 PM »
SO happy to hear things are going so well for Izzi AND you! 
I've read about this in states where it is already legalized for recreational use.  It has become a real problem in those states.
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