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Title: "Fudge" training treat recipe. . .
Post by: DeeDee on January 16, 2016, 10:15:55 AM
This sounds like a great high-value training treat for dogs, but I think you could take the same amount of any kind of lower sodium canned meat and make it good for cats.

I'd also, definitely, want to change what kind of flour I used. Y'all know I hate grains.

The thing for me is, Tuna's low in potassium for Vlad. But I'm still trying to figure out where they get the "fudge" part of the name. (

The recipe:

This dog homemade treat will save on your pocketbook
Eight full baggies of doggy deliciousness for only $4!  It’s about a weeks worth of training treats for your dog.  At least we hope you are training enough in those early days with your puppy or dog to work your way through that full batch.  (hint, hint) 😉


Tuna Fudge, the healthy, homemade dog treat recipe:
4 – 5 oz cans Tuna with water (do not drain)
4 eggs
3 cups flour

Mix all eggs and tuna in a large bowl, then gradually mix in flour.
Spread out over greased cookie sheet (very important that it is greased)
Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes
Let cool.  Use pizza cutter to custom cut into small pieces perfect for your dog.
Fill ziplock baggies and put them in the freezer and just pull out one baggy at a time for what you need.  Super cheap, super easy and most dogs love them!  Makes a large batch and keeps treats prep easy.
If you do give Tuna Fudge a try, tell us how your dog liked it in the comments below!
Until next time, Have Fun & Enjoy Your Dog!