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Title: Buyer Beware, This Pet Food Mineral Damages Kidney Function
Post by: DeeDee on July 03, 2018, 10:03:43 AM

Story at-a-glance

A new study concludes high levels of phosphorus in commercial cat food can damage kidney function in healthy cats, along with hastening the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in diagnosed cats

Canned cat foods produced in Germany and tested for the study were found to contain up to nine times the amount of phosphorus cats require

Other types of cat food and ingredients to avoid to protect your pet’s kidneys include kibble, meat meals and prescription renal diets

Cats with CKD should be fed a human-grade, fresh food diet formulated for kidney disease (recipe included!); cats with healthy kidneys should eat a varied diet of homemade raw (or cooked), commercially available balanced raw, dehydrated raw and/or human-grade canned

Additional support for CKD kitties includes appropriate supplementation, a stress-free environment and regular monitoring of organ systems

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