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Title: "Testing" Dry Kibble For Swelling
Post by: Lola on November 11, 2011, 08:23:46 AM
I found this post interesting.  Our dogs are fed wet and dry... because I'm not sure if they should be eating wet or dry... or both.  I did test their dry.  Very little swelling.  Didn't turn to powder though.

I'm putting this out there just as food for thought.
I've always owned larger dogs, that had at least some of the more bloat-prone breeds in them. It has always bothered me that kibble swells to around triple its size in liquid.
A few years ago a Bil-jac demonstrator showed me how Bil-jac turns to powder rather swelling in liquid. I did feed it for a time, but didn't like the chicken byproduct meal, or the corn in it.
I started thinking a few days ago how Bil-jac says their food is not processed by extrusion like other brands. After a lot of fooling around on the internet I found several brands of kibble that were not extruded but oven-baked. The one I was able to find in the smallest quantity, to test out my idea, was Flint River Ranch, which you can get variety sample packages of.
Well, UPS brought the samples today. I split one of the samples between my dogs for their dinner (they loved it) saving out 2 pieces, one to put in water and the other to use for comparison. After an hour the piece in liquid wasn't appreciably bigger than the other, and in less than two hours it had broken down into powder.
Maybe some of you are shaking your heads about now, but I am really happy about this. Flint River is only sold online, so I want to look around in stores for the other brands to try (Evolve, Lotus, 3 Dog Bakery, and 2 kibbles made by Avoderm. I've ruled out the Avoderm with beef oven-baked after reading the ingredients because it doesn't have enough meat.) If you have a large, deep-chested dog you might want to give one of them a try. Even for other dogs, the idea of food swelling up so much in the stomach seems really unappealing to me.