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I miss her

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2 years ago today, I surrendered Pookie's sister, Bonnie, to a holistic vet.  I tried for years to help her, and to find someone who could help me to help her, but nothing seemed to help and it just got to be so overwhelming.  Looking back, it seems it just wasn't meant to be.  She is the real reason why I've learned so much, esp. about holistic medicine and things like B12.

It broke my heart to give her up, and it still hurts.  There are so many unanswered questions . . . and the woman who has her now doesn't keep in contact, and is very brief when she responds at all.  I'm not going into detail here, but today is just one of those days when I could use a hug.  (I know, shameless, isn't it?)

I miss you, Sweetie Girl.  Always.

  grouphug grouphug grouphug grouphug   Oh Pookie   grouphug grouphug

You did the right thing, soooo unselfish  -- and a Holistic vet!    
We would have probably done the same thing, 2 dogs went throughsooooo much, and all we could do was keep drugging them more, and then PTS when it all took its toll.  I had never even heard of "Holistic" when our dogs were doing all the suffering!  Doh1 Doh1  

--- Quote --- Looking back, it seems it just wasn't meant to be.  She is the real reason why I've learned so much, esp. about holistic medicine and things like B12.
--- End quote ---

It seems what was meant to be, did happen.  Do you still see the Vet?  

You're certainly not shameless, but here's a song anyway    :)  (by the guy who wrote it.)  

Middle Child:
How sad that her family is not more willing to let you know how she is doing.  I'm sure your vet saw that she was placed in a loving home and she is very happy.  How totally unselfish of you to let her go, knowing she would get the care she needed, when you couldn't provide it.  {{{{Hugs}}}} and understanding from me.

Thank you both so much.  To answer your question, CC, no, I don't see that vet anymore.  She wasn't finding Bonnie a home, she brought Bonnie to her own home.  About a month after I gave her up, the vet notified me that she'd had a seizure (that never happened with me, that I saw).  She couldn't walk or see, and could barely lift her head.  Long story short, she was an hour away from being sent to the Bridge when her eyes began responding to light, so they postponed the euthanasia.  The vet thought she might have a form of encephalitis.  What upset me, and this is where I'm being totally selfish, is that I really thought it would be better if Bonnie went to the Bridge.  Why give her a life where she could possibly go through that again, along with all the other issues she'd had while with me?  And I couldn't help but wonder if there was something in her new home that triggered it, because I look back and I don't think the vet took me seriously when I said there was something wrong with her.  I think, looking back, she thought I was over-reacting to the issues Bonnie had.  (I'm leaving a lot out here, or this would be a lot longer).

Anyway, after the seizure she only gave me a little more information, and now when I ask how Bonnie is, I get a very brief answer.  I just would like some answers, but I don't think she'll provide them, so I don't go there anymore.  It's just too painful.  I do plan to send an email on Bonnie's birthday asking how she is.  I just wish I could feel more confident in this woman.   :(

Middle Child:
OHHHHH, now I understand better.  I don't think you are being selfish, to think she would have been better off being set free to go to the Bridge. There are many things that are worse than a peaceful passing in your beloved human's arms.  I'm so sorry you don't have a sense of closure on this. It would worry at me too.   HeadButt HeadButt grouphug kissyou


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