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Lion Cut
« on: July 03, 2011, 06:37:36 PM »
Ok so for those of you who have the long haired wonders. Who give their cats Lion cuts in the hot summer months?
I have heard two sides to this procedure. Is this an ok thing to do, or not?  I feel so bad for my Shadow especially, her hair is so  long and thick, but I think they self adjust their body temp. somehow? I would also be afraid that it did not grow back quick enough for the cold winter. Our house can get pretty chilly sometimes as we dont leave the propane stove on when we go out, and there is only baseboards in the bedroom and Den. Its a rental house so....any advice?
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Re: Lion Cut
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 08:25:31 PM »
I've never had any of my cats shaved, but I know a cat who is shaved every summer, and she feels so much better.  This kitty is loved but not well cared for, she has a heavy thick black coat, and she mats something terrible.  I work on the mats when I am there, but I don't see her often enough to make any real difference.  I nagged these people for years to have her shaved in summer (when the matting is the worst) and they finally started doing it last year.

Here's a picture of her in winter, enjoying the self warming bed I made for her some years ago.

Anyway, if you think it will make Shadow more comfortable, I would say why not.  Just keep her out of sunny windows until the fur grows back a little, to protect her from sun burn.

Also...for whatever groomer you choose, get recommendations from people who have been there, first.  And stay with her during the session.