Author Topic: This carpy vet thread just broke my heart...  (Read 679 times)

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This carpy vet thread just broke my heart...
« on: October 17, 2012, 09:58:56 PM »
...and pizzed me off.

I brought my cat to the vets. It was a clinic with different vets there, them taking shifts. The vet wanted to take a urine sample. The cat was male. There was a perforation, my cat screamed out, he bled. Shortly thereafter my cat developed a bladder blockage, was deemed to old and sickly by another vet and was put to sleep. We had had an appointment with the first vet which she broke, and then another, which she broke. The second vet was shocked that the appointments were broken, and was some high official in the state's veterinary board. He may have done something about what happened.

Vet's, I have read on this forum, carry inferior food in their lobbies just to increase profits. They do horrid things like declawing cats to increase revenues. I am thinking one way to get at least a caring vet is to call up to make an appointment for declawing. If they make the appointment, cancel and tell them you found out that declawing is an atrocity.

Does anyone else have bad stories to tell of vets?

We definitely need more laws protecting our pets. Declawing is illegal in many civilized countries.

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