Author Topic: Since eliminating carrageenan from her diet  (Read 1377 times)

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Since eliminating carrageenan from her diet
« on: January 30, 2013, 08:08:39 AM »
Struvite Kitty and Little Cat haven't had any carrageenan foods in over a year, as they clearly showed an intolerance for it, LC with diarrhea, SK with regurgitation.  Top Cat however seemed to "be okay" with it, so I decided to continue to feed her the foods already purchased that contain it, until they are gone, but I did drop them to less than 3 days a week.

I started to notice a difference between when she had gone three days without any, and when she did have a can with carrageenan (takes about 2 days to eat a whole can).

So I finally decided to just donate the rest of the carrageenan containing foods, and take her off it completely.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!  TC is playing Solitary Games for the first time in her life. (she has been here 6 1/2 years) She has never played with toys before, but she has now adopted a toy that has gone unused for almost 8 years, as her own.  She carries it around in her mouth singing (you know that unearthly yeowl they make when they do that) she chases it all over, she throws it up in the air and catches it.

It is a toy for Solitaire Games only, I am not allowed to touch it.  She also has stopped scooting. She runs more. She seems to be licking her Pink Triangle less.  Wouldn't it be something if she allowed that fur to grow in!

It's just one more example of how we can think our cats are "fine", and then discover after making a change for the better, how much more than "fine" they can be.

PS TC eats a partial PMR diet, but canned food is still about 2/3 of her daily intake.

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Re: Since eliminating carrageenan from her diet
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2013, 08:15:20 AM »
MC, if I had a TV, would demand that those Animal Planet (or like) "producers" chronicle you and your furkids.   Matter of fact -- THAT'S why I won't even own one. -- it's people like you who should be spotlighted.