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Explanation Of Moderator Permissions
« on: July 10, 2011, 02:10:39 PM »
Moderators - Moderator names are shown on the boards they moderate.  If you miss seeing a Mod's name on a board, the words "Moderator" will show up under their name... when posting INSIDE the board they moderate.  

Moderators can do all the normal things that regular members can do.  However, Moderators can also (within the boards they moderate):
Merge topics.  
Lock any topic.
Edit and/or Lock any poll.
Use the Tag feature
As a LAST resort, they can also edit ANY members' posts.  Any posts that are edited by a Mod, will show the name of the Mod, the time of the edit, and the reason for the edit.  

Global Moderator - Bogie
A Global Moderator can do everything a Moderator can do...only his permissions extend to all boards.

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