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Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

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I've used these on me, but not on Pookie or his sister so I have no idea how effective they are on animals (they do work on me  :D). That said, the person who owns the vitamin store I go to has used them on her horse with good results, and a co-worker has used Rescue Remedy (made by Bach) on her dog who has anxiety issues, also with good results.  So I'm just putting this information out there for anyone who wants to research it more:

I may get some of this stuff. I recently bought some Essences, which are not working too well :(
Yup things are not getting better here unfortunately
Anyone else used the Bach?

I haven't got any experience with any of those things. I found something that worked by getting a full product to be a tester for K10+ Calming formula. It worked so well that I quit trying anything else for bad storms, etc. If it hadn't have worked for us though, I was about ready to try the Rescue Remedy.

Middle Child:
I have a recent thread on the subject here:

(too tired to retype my experiences with it, so far)

What's not getting better? Shadow and Mango not getting along? Feliway may be a better choice for something like that.

I have Feliway, it does not seem to work to well. I also bought some essences made by Pacific essences, but after reading its based in alcohol, I don't want to use it any more.
Shadow is stressed out from Mango attacking her. Mango is not like any kitten I have had before, he bites at me, and attacks Shadow :(
Mango is getting bigger, he is about 6.5 mths old now. He can be sweet sometimes, I am just really concerned for my Shadow.


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