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Should Dogs Be Fed Carrots?

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Carrots turn to sugar...

I'm not sure if they should or not, but I give both of them carrots every day for the antioxidants. Vlad gets 4 baby carrots a day and Barkly gets two.

Getting antioxidants every day is why I feed them veg puree, and let them have fruit at lunch. If it weren't for the antioxidants, I wouldn't feed them anything but meat. But after having so much cancer in our past dogs, I'm really afraid for them to not get antioxidants & green/yellow veg is the only way I know to do the best ones. I just prohibit things that are known as poisonous like onions, grapes, etc. and grains of any sort.

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts, DeeDee!

I know someone that gives baby carrots (lots of them) as a snack to her dog.  My thinking (to myself) was... skip it, if not necessary. 

Well I know a lot of vets recommend them for treats instead of biscuits, etc. for dogs just to keep the owners from making them fat. Some dogs like green bean pieces for treats too.

However, I wouldn't feed a LOT of anything to them each day that isn't meat.

FurMonster Mom:
Carrots are generally considered on the "okay" list as treats.

Considering how fibrous they are, and how the dog's digestive system handles them (a lot goes straight through), I doubt there is enough sugar conversion to be concerned over.

You know me, I don't feed veggies... but I'll still occasionally cave in and toss Babee a carrot.   Bumpurr1


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