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New Members
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:12:25 PM »
If a person joins the forum and doesn't activate their account, doesn't sign in, and/or doesn't post... the membership is deleted after 30 days.  :(

This forum isn't about the member numbers.  If it was, we would have a few thousand members.   Bumpurr1

If an account has been deleted, due to the reasons stated above, but that person really wanted to become a member...time just got away... you can always rejoin.  :) This applies ONLY to members that had their accounts deleted, due to the above reasons listed...not banned members.

Please be sure your membership was deleted... and you didn't just forget your member name, PW, and/or email addy.  ;)  A person, IP number, and/or email addy, may not have more than one member ID. 

Member IDs and PW are case sensitive.

Questions?  Email

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