Author Topic: Feb 5 ~~ Jackson Galaxy to Take a Stand Against Declawing at Google+ Hangout  (Read 805 times)

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Helping to defend cats who are in danger of losing their first line of defense due to a cruel and unnecessary procedure, Animal Planet personality Jackson Galaxy will discuss the controversial practice of declawing during his February 5th Google+ Hangout.

Fans of feline with Google+ accounts can participate in the cat chat, while those who wish to watch the live discussion without a Google+ Hangout chat window can do so by checking out at the designated time of the Hangout. (The My Cat from Hell star will also answer select comments left on the Google+ Event page during the discussion.)
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I do like him.  He is an interesting character.  I enjoyed his book too.  However, I am surprised (especially with his connection with Dr. Jean Hofve) that he doesn't speak out against kibble.  I think people would listen... at least some of them.

He does feed kibble, as a snack... now that I think about it.  He has GOT to be educated about the kibble causing diseases.  Maybe his silence has something to do with his sponsors.  ??

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I saw an episode where he skirted the edge of the food issue with a family.  The dog was overweight, and so were the people.  He recommended more exercise, of course, and a healthier diet.  When he talked about diet, he tied it in with what the people were eating... as in, they could share certain healthy foods with their dog.  He mentioned bits of chicken, steak, certain veggies... alllllmost like recommending a BARF type diet without outright mentioning BARF.  I highly suspect that he has to watch his step with certain sponsors.  A shame he has to limit himself to tiny hints like that.
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