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(Gotcha date) September 2003 - January 8th, 2013

Jessie was sent to the Rainbow Bridge last week.  :'(  I was with him, and he was on his bed at home.  Jessie was my mother's Black Lab mix.  He had aggression issues, but he could be a good boy, too.  We don't know his history, but I suspect he was abused and abandoned (or escaped) before he was found under a Hibachi cover by my sister's co-workers.  They already had several dogs and couldn't keep him, so my sister sent his picture to my mother who decided to take him because he looked a lot like another Black Lab mix my mother had known and loved.  Jessie was about 6 months old when he was found.

I hope to post a picture of him later.  Meanwhile . . . Rest in Peace, big boy.  We all love and miss you, and we'll see you at the Bridge.   rainbow3

Through hearing stories, we loved you too.  Farewell friend. 

Sorry Pookie :(  rainbow3


Thanks, everyone.   :-*

I don't know how this picture will turn out, but if it needs re-sizing, please feel free.

And one more.   rainbow3


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