Author Topic: joy - Cat With Stage 2 Kidney Disease  (Read 4166 times)

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Re: joy - Cat With Stage 2 Kidney Disease
« Reply #15 on: July 18, 2015, 08:16:33 PM »
Lola---Sydney is on Calcitriol and it is working wonders.
Thats for the kidneys?
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Re: joy - Cat With Stage 2 Kidney Disease
« Reply #16 on: July 18, 2015, 09:21:17 PM »
Calcitriol is for cats with kidney disease.  From my earlier post (quoting Dr. Hodgkins' book):

  - She mentions that "Recently, scientists studying cats with CRD have also begun to recommend supplemental calcitriol to control renal secondary hyperparathyroidism (see  Calcitriol is an active form of vitamin D."  This is if the kidneys can no longer activate vitamin D.  She goes into a lot of detail here, but basically, "As active vitamin D levels drop, blood calcium also drops and blood phosphorus levels start to climb."  This can create an inbalance in the blood that, long story short, can lead to bones becoming soft, and bone crystals being "deposited in the soft tissues, including the kidneys themselves."  She also included another link:  A vet can prescribe the appropriate low doses to give and can monitor the patient. 
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Re: joy - Cat With Stage 2 Kidney Disease
« Reply #17 on: July 19, 2015, 02:29:47 AM »
Yes, Calcitriol is for kidney disease. Kidney disease brings with it many symptoms----lack of appetite, nausea etc and Sydney is also on Mirtzapine which increases appetite and eliminates nausea without making him lethargic. The combination of the two medications is awesome. Sydney has not thrown up since he went on the Mirtzapine.  He drinks a lot of water---he always has been a great water drinker--and he likes wet food way more than he used to. He went in for 2 complete work-ups at the vet
over the past 3 months and his blood work and urine are now normal. The Mirtzapine enables Sydney to eat and keep the food down. The Calcitriol works to prevent the kidney disease from progressing.

Stage 2 kidney disease is a stage early enough to prevent any further damage. The only thing about Mirtzapine is that it makes your furry feline extra chatty. They don't know why it has this side effect but it's kind of adorable. However, Sydney has always been a talker. Our Vet is very knowledgeable about all the new meds and she also has brought back to life Sydney's half-sister, Ashley who has a respiratory disorder. She is also on two medications nd the change in her is unbelievable---she is back to enjoying her life in a big way. We have a master chart pinned to our fridge so we ensure we are giving these medications consistently and do not get them confused.

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