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« on: June 25, 2011, 12:30:09 AM »
Anne at has updated her wonderful website resource!!
Her cat FAQs are quite impressive!   Presenting the most commonly asked among cat owners looking for answers and clearing up any misconceptions and widely-believed myths regarding our little carnivores.

She covers many crucial issues, including going into detail about FISH in the diet.

She lists 8 strikes against it, explaining why, including  "Felines love tuna, but eating it long term can deplete a cat's stores of vitamin E and create conditions that lead to an extraordinarily painful condition called steatitis, with symptoms such as hypersensitivity...You'll find tuna in lots of cat foods for the very reason that it's tasty to cats and draws them to the food. But it has nothing to do with healthy, safe, or necessary nutrition for cats.

Hope you read all about how DUKE led her down this road of discovery and to her friendship with Mentors Drs. Pierson & Hodgkins. MANY pages of important information. She even has a printout for Veterinarians   :) thumbsup1

Seems every informative site has a connection to Dr. Pierson (and Hodgkins).  Foremost Feline Experts! thumbsup1 thankyou1

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