Author Topic: 2017 : The Dog Show Circuit and Canine Influenza – My Story  (Read 660 times)

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This article makes it clear that (though there is more likelihood of catching this virus at something like a dog show) it would behoove those of us in the southeast to keep our dogs home away from places like dog parks, day cares, and anywhere many dogs gather. This virus is VERY dangerous, and dogs have died from it.

Though you CAN get a vaccine for it, that's no guarantee your dog won't get the virus. The vaccine only lowers the strength of the symptoms of the virus if they get it. While it's all over the southeast right now, everyone else in other states has to recognize that dogs at dog shows come from all over, and then they go back home carrying the virus with them.

This is a DANGEROUS virus. Once again, dogs have died from it. Though they're all given antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections, since this is a virus, antibiotics really do no good other than to prevent secondary infections that a dog might pick up in their weakened states.

Think twice (a million times) before you take your dog anywhere that other dogs are gathering. It's just too big of a risk.

2017 : The Dog Show Circuit and Canine Influenza – My Story
Posted By Richard Hawkes, D.V.M.
In Canine Health Right Now!

Sunday, May 14, Perry GA.

Best of breed in Black Russian Terriers has just finished. Arisha takes breed and will stay with her handler for the groups. My wife prepares to pack up the boys, Oli and Charlie, for the 10 hour drive home. It’s a good weekend for “the bears” as we call them. The dogs showed well and points were earned. Another show weekend in the books as we say. I couldn’t make this trip unfortunately – had to work. We own and operate a small animal veterinary clinic in a small town on the coast of NC. Sometimes work comes first. As a vet in solo practice, time off is difficult to come by.

Monday comes and goes as per normal. Dogs are all great. Oli and Charlie are happy to be home and doing well. We weren’t aware of what was to come. There was no warning. Tuesday morning both Oli and Charlie seem a little tired. Nothing too unusual for these growing boys (Oli is 20 months and Charlie only 15 months old). By Tuesday afternoon Oli has developed an occasional cough. Tuesday evening they are both coughing. Efforts are made to try to isolate these 2 from the rest of the blackies. It’s difficult. There’s only so much room.

By Wednesday it is apparent that the boys definitely had contracted some sort of bug. Probably kennel cough. They are both coughing…..a lot. As well their appetites have decreased. They are started on antibiotics. Could be a pain keeping them separate from the rest for the next week I thought to myself.

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