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Mike Rowe


Mike Rowe had a show "Somebodys Gotta Do It" on CNN a few years ago.  If I understand correctly, not all the episodes aired.  The hour episodes have been cut to 30 minutes (to make it totally family friendly) and will start showing on TBN starting tomorrow (8/9). 

--- Quote ---he sets out on a mission to find people from all walks of life on a unique mission…people with a passion and a calling to making our world a little bit brighter, a little bit bigger, a little bit better.
--- End quote ---

He has a dog. I don't know what he feeds his dog.  BUT he could reach a LOT of people, if he was pro-species-appropriate-feeding. 

Canned is a huge improvement over dry.  Raw and dehydrated foods that can be bought at local stores are also a huge improvement over kibble, but there are drawbacks with all of them.  IMHO 
HOWEVER....I personally think real pet food from Hare Today is about as easy as it gets, to feed raw...real raw without any "ick."

Those that use Twitter, I would like to see this Tweet take off...since his "new" show is the most recent talk.

--- Quote  Helping pet owners feed their pets species appropriate diets. #Somebodysgottadoit  @mikeroweworks
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The recipient in that tweet needs to be changed to his verified account:  @mikeroweworks


--- Quote from: DeeDee on December 01, 2017, 10:41:12 AM ---The recipient in that tweet needs to be changed to his verified account:  @mikeroweworks

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I updated my original post.  Apparently when I did a copy and paste...I cut off the words "works."  Thanks!


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