Author Topic: 'Zombie-like' Ohio raccoons are baring their teeth, walking on hind legs  (Read 303 times)

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It's hard not to laugh at this, but it's worrisome when raccoons come out in daytime. Usually when nocturnal animals come out in daytime here, it's because they're rabid.

'Zombie-like' Ohio raccoons are baring their teeth, walking on hind legs

Lately in Youngstown, Ohio, raccoons' tiny, nimble, human-like hands are only the second scariest thing about them. The first? An outbreak of what residents have described as "zombie-like behavior" involving raccoons who bare their teeth, walk on their hind legs and don't seem to be afraid of humans.

According to WKBN in Youngstown, police have taken more than a dozen calls about these incidents since the start of March. Resident Robert Coggeshall, speaking to WKBN, said he spotted one while he was walking his dogs.

"He would stand up on his hind legs, which I've never seen a raccoon do before, and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go into almost a comatose condition," he said.

Although raccoons are typically nocturnal animals, many of these incidents occurred in broad daylight.

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Onion/bacon/pepper base for goulash got almost a bit too done over this article.
Animals stepping out of their environment generally spells problem and generally for the animals in the long run.