Author Topic: "My Cat Is Doing Just 'Fine' On Dry Food!"  (Read 1949 times)

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"My Cat Is Doing Just 'Fine' On Dry Food!"
« on: June 24, 2011, 12:47:57 PM »
Feeding Your Cat: Know The Basics of Feline Nutrition

The three key negative issues associated with dry food are:

1) type of protein - too high in plant-based versus animal-based proteins

2) carbohydrate load is too high

3) water content is too low

My Cat is Doing Just "Fine" on Dry Food!

Common medical problems associated with dry food:

1) Diabetes

2) Kidney disease

3) Cystitis/Urethral blockage/Urinary tract infection/Crystals

4) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

5) Hairballs

6) Obesity

7) Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver disease)

8 ) Dental disease

9) Asthma


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